A day trip into the CBD of Melbourne

Today, being a public holiday, which means not many people on the roads along with the excessive delays in getting in and out of the CBD meant an opportunity to go for a walk and capture a few shots.  I took the opportunity to do a few more street portraits,  which I will process and put up sometime over the next few days.


However I did find that the iconic Manchester Unity building, nicely lit with a few soft clouds as background, provided a topic for today.  I have again gone for the B&W treatment as I am finding that it is something that works so well for city-scapes.


Manchester Unity Building for me is such a glorious building to look at,  inside it is steeped with Art Deco decoration, something I must try to get into photograph one day.  Not sure how difficult that is as it is used by a dental group for their practise.  In the mean time enjoy the views of the outside and let me know what you think.

20130610_6813 20130610_6809


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