Flowers in black and white

Normally flowers are presented in colour.  After all they are colour-full and it is that that attracts us as well as many of the insect world.  However there are many stunning examples of black and white used for flowers.  This is where the tonal range and textures of the flowers are emphasised versus the colour palette.


I think it is important when doing black and white treatment of flowers to pick carefully the flower and the arrangement.  Out of the dozens of high key plants and flowers that I have done there is only one that has been particularly successful as B&W.  It is this one of three Agapanthas.


Here I have used the simplicity of the arrangement and the fact that the Agapanthas is not in full bloom  to make a B&W study.

I hope that you enjoy it.agapanthus-in-black-and-white


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