More from the macro world

Mostly I like to capture insects when doing macro photography, however every now and again I try something different.  In this case, done quite some time ago, I pulled the centre of a flower to see what was in the middle.  For this exercise I choose a Gerbera.

Liking what I saw I decided that a nicely magnified shot using the MPE 56 would allow for an interesting shot.  Not only can one see the lovely colours and detail in the flower petals but one can also see the seed heads with their flights and the little root that holds them to the flower.

Such detail enables the viewer to look into the heart of a flower and see how beautifully nature has adapted to ensure the propagation of the species.


One will note that in this case the flower was well past its time in a vase. Providing a chance to enjoy another aspect of the flowers beauty as its dying generates the the means of renewal.





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