Macro work

Every now and then I like to do a bit of macro work.  I have two lens for this,  a 100mm macro and the Canon MPE65.  The 100mm macro is a gem of a lens,  auto focus F2.8 and very sharp, however it still needs a flash.  The flash is needed for most macro work so that one can freeze any motion by using the flash at 1/200th of a second.  Without this most macro of insects etc will have motion blur,  very often from the photographer moving the camera.

The second lens, the MPE 65, is a much more serious lens, with 1-5 time magnification.  However it has no focus mechanism.  Focus is by moving the camera closer or further away.  Now if there is a breeze and things are moving with the breeze then with this lens it is time to go and do something else.  However it does produce some superb detail in the insect world.

For instance this image is off a drone fly and at about 3 time magnification the detail and patterns in the eye are clear a joy to behold.


A quick tip on capturing insects.  Perhaps the most important thing to know is that most insects that fly use the warmth of the sun to provide energy for their flight muscles.  If you want them to stay still then frosty mornings or cold days when they are in the shade is the best way to get very close.


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