Two weeks in my kitchen

As part of my adventures with pinhole photography I set up a simple pinhole camera in my kitchen/dining area which overlooks the family TV room.  After two weeks the image is not so good and that probably has a lot to do with the amount of light available.  Certainly the window areas are better defined in the image.  However it still makes for an amusing photo,  simply because there are tantalising glimpses of furniture shifting over time.  It is very subtle changes for instance the table in the foreground has six chairs around it.  However as they get moved frequently the are mostly not visible when they could be as clear as the table if during the two weeks they were not moved.  It is possible to see the seat of one on the right hand side of the photo and the back of one near the middle. In fact if one looks closely one can imagine that the chair back shows up several times.

Of course there is no guarantee that the camera has not been moved as well.

I may well do another one of these from a different vantage point and for a much longer period.



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