A series of photos

Sometimes it is difficult as a photographer to find a new genre or way of doing photography.  One of the things I am trying is landscape with a slight difference.  No doubt one has seen the many wispy water images of surf close up etc.  Well what I am trying is to take the same images but from further away.  Now and again one works or at least I think it works.  Doing this sort of photography has some difficulties.  Firstly it must be a long exposure usually more than 3 seconds.  Secondly because it is the middle of the day I need to use a ND400 filter so that I can get the speed to less than 3 seconds.  So far not so difficult.  However as it is on the coast and it is generally windy the first thing that happens is motion blur.  Much as I try to shield the camera many of the shots end up with considerable motion blur.

As I said early now and again one works and I think this is one of them.  Let me know what you think.



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