St Patricks Church Melbourne

Today in Melbourne was cold,  well cold for Australia,  and as I had some time after delivering some photos for the upcoming SITHOM (Shot In The Heart of Melbourne) exhibition I thought I would take my 16-35mm lens for a quick walk around the area.

St Patricks church is a lovely photo opportunity, however its size does make it difficult to photograph.  Moreover as I don’t have a tilt and shift lens cropping is always necessary after lens correction,  unless one is some distance away.  Nevertheless I did manage to shots that seem to work.  I have converted to black and white as that is my current learning topic.

Enjoy.  The first shot is of the interior, and with dull skies it was difficult to get enough light, I think I had the ISO at 6400 to get enough speed for hand held shot.  The second is from Albert street looking west.  This is a HDR image from two hand held shots.



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