High Key nature photography

As you may be aware I do high key photography of flora. Well occasionally I try similar techniques on insects.  Now insects are much more difficult as they find it difficult to stay still especially when a whopping great macro lens is bearing down on them.  Every now and then an insect or spider will co-operate and stay still enough for a shot.   I use the Canon MPE 65 for insect macro work and it has no focus mechanism.  Focus is obtained by moving the camera closer or further away from the subject.  Coupled with the very shallow depth of field the movements are delicate.  Luckily the flash at 1/200th of a second is enough to freeze my wobble and shake so that there is minimal motion blur.

For this shot I used a 430 ex flash in slave mode along with the MT 24EX mounted on the camera.  With the 430 ex providing the high key back ground through a piece of paper on which the jumping spider.

Jumping spiders I think are the cutest spiders around with those great big eyes looking like the headlamps of olden day cars.  Add in the  great variety of colours and they are truly a great macro topic.

Enough ramblings,  here is the photo.



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