Pinhole capture at Glen Waverley

New day and a quick opportunity to head out to the high rise car park here in Glen Waverley. This building provides a nice vantage point to overlook the main shopping area.  So with an overcast day with some rain about I thought the pinhole view of the world might be okay.  Especially as there is a new building going up with crane etc.  Therein lies the dichotomy of using a pinhole camera.  We can see modern building techniques, rail carriages and architecture through the lens of 150 years ago. It raises questions in the mind of the viewer as there is nothing distinct only softness and therefore the things that would clearly mark it as a photo from today are blurred harkening back to picture of olden days.

For me it provides a nostalgic view of today.  Not for every scene but for some it works and I think this is one of them.



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