Something new

Today the pinhole lens cap arrived.  Why a pinhole one may ask.  Well I recently did a two hour pinhole workshop with film, well paper actually.  Loved it, such fun that I thought a pinhole lens cap might be fun and add a different aspect to photography.

Of course when something new turns up one just has to give it a whirl.  With one of my sons home from school sick, I could not head off and spend hours running around looking for scenes.  So the front yard had to do.  Camera body on tripod, new pinhole lens cap in place and expose for a second,  fraction dull so adjusted the time to 1.6 secs with an ISO of 400.  Of course one can’t adjust the aperture (f stop) because it is fixed at the hole size of the manufacturer.

The processed the image to black and white added a bit of grain and toned to Sepia or thereabouts.  This is the result.  Makes it look like a very old photo if one ignores the modern architecture and the hulking black Pajero in the drive.

Love it.



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