Pinhole camera

Yesterday I went to a pinhole camera workshop at the MGA (Monash Gallery of Art) here in Melbourne.  Had a great time met a few new people and had a few quick conversations around photography including one discussion on why many photographs are pretty but don’t convey anything meaningful.  But I digress I really wanted to let you know about the pinhole camera construction and results.

In essence it really was simple to make,  get a box with a lid of course, paint it black on the inside and then make the lens.  The lens is the hardest part and if you want to know more about the science of pinhole lens wikipedia has a good article about lens thickness, hole size, focal length and the limits of each before diffraction makes everything useless.

My camera was an old photographic paper box so I could skip the paint section.  The lens was made from aluminium foil and a tiny pinprick for the hole.  The foil is mounted on a cardboard backing with a hole cut in it.  With a hole cut in the lid of the box, smaller than the lens mount its just stick it in place with black tape and then put a shutter over the front.

We used photographic paper for the film and developed it in a makeshift darkroom.  Reminded me of my dark room that I had years ago.  I managed three shots in the time we had,  the first 2 were more around learning how long to expose for,  ended up at 35secs roughly.

Now for the results:



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