The Gurdies and beyond

This morning thought a short drive to the Gurdies  ( low hills near Western Port bay just off the main road to Phillip Island)  and beyond would be a good choice,  what with the potential of some low clouds and reasonable light,  not as early as I should but I do have to get my boys to school.  Seems teenagers are unable to rouse themselves in the morning.  Anyway took a few shots or rolling hills and valleys,  a lonely tree on a hill top that had a nice golden crown and stumbled across an old milking shed.  Would still like to find a slightly more overcast day with breaks in the clouds to highlight parts of the scenery but today was not one of them.  No doubt if I continue to go there over the next few months I will get the scene that sits in my imagination.  Despite all of the above ramblings here are the shots from today,  some in BW others in colour.


Hope you enjoy them.


1) A nice valley with signs of erosion and slip on the slopes.




The milking shed one in sepia from a low angle and the other in colour from a standing position.  Not sure which one I like best.





Finally the lone tree with the golden top.



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