Today light rain tempted me to head to the nearest beach in an attempt to take another in my series of Along the Surf line,  you can see them on my website if you follow the link above called “my photography”.  The reason for the rain was to try and produce a similar effect to Sugimoto’s work with my own twist on it.  However I think I missed the main rain band by about 2 minutes and nothing generated a gradual grey between sky and sea.  However for a short time the clouds and the sun managed to make a nice image which you can see below.

Let me know what you think.


Despite the lack of a nice rain band I did take this one where I have used the effect of various layers found between the surf fence, beach, sea and sky.  I have deliberately wound back the clarity in Adobe Camera Raw to blur the demarkation between each layer.  I think I will go back another day as this one has potential as an abstract beach shot.



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