Furthering my exploration of light

Today I stayed home,  did some painting (no not that sort, just a gutter on the house), cooked dinner so it was ready when I get back home after taking the boys to hockey practise and did a raft of house work.

However I just had to try a photograph or two.  Spent some time using reflected sunlight onto the edge of a book.  Now the trouble with sunlight is that is shifts and clouds roll over.  Despite these difficulties I wanted a particular tone from a gold reflector.  So with a little bit of perseverance I ended up with one shot that I thought was the best.  Before I could get another one with a greater depth of field the sun of course was obscured with cloud.  Of course if I had a set of studio lights and gels then this would not have been a problem.  However I like the challenge of composing, lighting etc with limits imposed by an external force.  Makes for quick reaction and thinking.


Hope you like it.




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