What DSLR do I buy is a question faced by all new photographers.

I have read many blogs/opinions etc about what camera to buy.

Well it is pretty simple in my opinion:

The first fundamental is to realise that one is buying into a system.  What do I mean by that.  Well each manufacturer has a system of lens, bodies, flash and other ancillary equipment all designed to inter work at an optimum.  Of course one can buy off manufacturer  components but they are still designed to fit in the system that one has chosen.  Some of the alternates can be exceedingly expensive for example Leitz or Zeiss lenses.

The second is to realise that the DSLR you buy will most likely be obsolete within 3 years.  So buy the one that fits your budget and save all of your money to buy the best lens for your preferred camera brand.  By the best lens I mean the best lens like the L series in Canon and the equivalent in Nikon.  They cost a lot but they will serve you for twenty plus years whereas your camera will probably be in a bin in three.  I don’t really care if it is Nikon, Canon or Sony the same rule applies.

After about a year if you have caught the bug and pine for opportunities to go out and take photos and you have spent the year in learning all about photography, well as much as you can learn in one year, then maybe you will understand it is not the camera that takes good photos it is the photographer.  However the lens can and do make a difference.

So why spend money on lenses?  Well lenses, at least the good quality ones hold their value quite well.  If you don’t believe me then go search for second hand lens and see what you will pay for one.  Moreover as the cameras improve, i.e in three years when you are thinking about a new camera the lens will still fit and work just as well on a new camera.

Take your time in buying a more expensive camera,  after all I waited 58 years before I bought a pro camera.

If you want to read a great amount of technical stuff about cameras and lens then try Ken Rockwell.  He has a great resource and if you like it do the right thing and donate $5 to Ken,  I did,  he appreciates it and after all he might save you a lot of money.


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